Happy Anniversary Nashville!

It has officially been a year since I moved to Nashville! How crazy is that?! It truly has been one of the best years of my life.

Subsequently, 2015 is almost over. I thought I would do a little round up of how my first year in Nashville went.

-I went on my first tour. We did 24 shows in 6 weeks and I met some of my favorite people.

-I fell in love with someone, and it has been the best adventure yet.

-I learned who my true friends were. Losing friends is always tough, and I usually wonder what I did wrong. But I’ve come to learn that some people are only around for a season of life, and sometimes I truly am better without them.

-I took several looooong road trips. Two to Texas with my boyfriend, and one to West Palm Beach Florida with two of my dear friends.

-I did my first solo tour. 24 shows in 35 days. This tour was particularly difficult, and I learned a lot about myself in the process.

-I started a new job as an executive assistant. Several friends have told me they really thought I would make a good personal assistant, and I took the plunge and started a new job path!

-I got two more tattoos: the Texas star behind my left ear and an arrow on my left wrist.

-I found an amazing church. I knew Cross Point was special from the first Sunday I visited, and around April I stepped out of my comfort zone and started volunteering on the digital communications team. It has been a blast, and I cannot wait to see what’s in store for this church in the upcoming years.

-I read 18 books. Geez. That’s more than one a month!

It’s still strange to me that I’m living on my own, supporting myself, and making my own decisions. My parents (and brother) live hundreds of miles away. But over the last year Nashville has become my home. I have a church home. I have my apartment. I have a wonderful community of friends. I have cousins less than 3o minutes away. I have some of my boyfriend’s extended family. I have multiple jobs that I love.

Until 2013 I never imagined moving away from Dallas, much less Texas. And now as of 2015 I can’t imagine myself anywhere other than Nashville. It’s awesome to see what can happen in just a couple of years!




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