2016 Word of the Year

Last year my word was patience. I’m not sure how well that worked out…

To be honest, I forgot that I chose that word. I’m not sure I did a super job on being patient. I can think of a couple ways I was, but not an overarching “Yes! In 2015 I was SO patient!”

This year I hope that changes. I think my word will be: FUTURE.

For example: Is this benefitting my future? How will this decision affect my future?

As far as the typical resolutions, I want to get healthy (for my future). I want to learn to really budget and save money (for my future). I want to work hard at my job and make a difference right now (for my future). I want to invest in friendships so that they last into the future. I want to grow my relationship with God so that we have an even stronger foundation for the future. I want to continue to communicate in my relationship with Kaegan so that we have a solid future.

Does that make sense? I guess another variant of future could possibly be growth. But with every decision I make, I want to really think about how it’s going to affect my future. Is said decision worth it? Is it going to pay off in the long run? Is this just masking a problem? Is this temporary?

I think I’ll find a creative way to remind myself that Future is my word for 2016. Maybe with an inspiration type board or writing it on the wall in my bathroom.

Here’s to a great 2016 with a focus on the future!


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