Harry Potter

You guys.

I may be SUPER late to the game, but at the end of the year I finished reading the Harry Potter series. I was in elementary school when they came out, and didn’t really have an interest in reading them. One day this past fall I was walking through Barnes and Noble when I saw the newest JK Rowling book. I immediately texted my roommate and told her I wanted to read the Harry Potter series, and she graciously let me borrow all the books.

Holy cow. The books were SO GOOD. If you are like me and have lived under a rock all these years, please go read the books. You won’t regret it. I blew through most of them pretty fast. I think the 4th book was my favorite, and I was concerned about how JK Rowling was going to wrap everything up in book 7. But she did such a good job.

I would love to pick her brain about the writing process. Did she always know how the story would go? Did she write each book as it came to her, not knowing what would take place in the next one? Everything was so intertwined that it just flowed so smoothly from book to book. I have such respect for people who can write in that sort of capacity.

I haven’t had the chance to watch the movies yet, but those are next on my list! And then a trip to Orlando to go to Wizarding World. Duh.


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