New Year, Who’s This?

Well 2016 has come and gone. According to social media, 2016 seemed to be the worst year of everyone’s life. Sheesh. Did I miss the memo? Why did 2016 seem to be so much worse than year’s past?

I didn’t have a crappy 2016, but I didn’t have a completely stellar one either. There were ups and downs, good and bad, joy and pain. But isn’t that normal? Isn’t that called life?

What if the reason behind everyone’s sucky 2016 was themselves? What if it was their attitude and approach to life that made things difficult? Obviously certain things are outside of our own control, but if we controlled what we can and in the right way, how much better would that have made our year?

I know New Year’s resolutions seem to be a big thing this time of year. On Sunday I was told that only 42% of people stick with their resolutions…and honestly that seems like a high number to me. I prefer to make little goals that are completely realistic, not grand overdone resolutions that there’s no way I’m going to accomplish them.

But how much would change in 2017 if we just shifted our attitudes? If we took the bad with the good and just accepted it? If we went after what we wanted, no matter how difficult it might be? 2017 should be the year we take care of ourselves. The year we make things happen for ourselves. The year we decide not to just sit around for things to happen.

Here’s to making 2017 MY YEAR.


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