Still Small Voice

I’m just gonna jump right in and get to it.

Sometimes I don’t hear the voice of God.

Sometimes I get frustrated when people’s first response is “did you pray about it?”

Sometimes I want to scream when friends and family tell me “Just keep praying!!” like something is going to change because I prayed about it for the 10th time.

Glad I got that off my chest.

Do you feel the same way? Surely I’m not alone. Right?

I had coffee with a dear friend earlier this week. I was catching her up on life and about certain things I’ve randomly felt led to do. For example, last fall I felt the random urge to lead a small group of college women at church. Umm, what?? If you know me, this is extremely out of my comfort zone. I have never been involved in a leadership role in college ministry. I have never been the leader of a small group. Over the past year, I’ve been struggling to find a small group to join…so I figured I should just start my own. I have no idea why college girls were placed on my heart, but come to find out my church really needed leaders for the college students. Crazy right? Another example was me randomly reaching out to a tour manager I worked with in September. This is just one of the dozens of emails I’ve sent over the past couple of months, most of which don’t get a response. But I not only got a response, but I got a gig! (More on that to come in the upcoming weeks).

My friend just looked at me and said “Kelsey, those were little whispers and nudges from God.” See, we have become so desensitized, that we look for grand gestures and a booming audible voice when it comes to God. Those random feelings I had to reach out about college ministry and then about a potential job, those were whispers from God. So what would it look like if we truly started looking for the little ways that God was speaking to us?

My wise friend also told me to look at rejection as God’s protection. Those emails that never got returned? Protection. That job I really wanted but didn’t get? Protection. That invite to hang out with people that I never got? Protection. That ignored text? Protection. MIND BLOWN. How much would our daily lives change if we had this outlook? I know mine would radically change.

I hope you all have a friend as wise as mine.



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