2016 Goals

I decided to set some goals for this upcoming year as opposed to a resolution. Hopefully with these specific goals, they’ll be easier to achieve. I also think it’ll be fun to look back at the end of the year to see how many I accomplished (or if I went above and beyond what I said I would do!)

-Finish reading the Bible

-Get another tattoo

-read 12 books

-Start going to an exercise class regularly

-Lose 10 pounds

-Go to 5 concerts (that I’m not working)

-Take a roadtrip with friends

-Visit at least 2 new states

-Go to coffee with 1 new friend every 4-6 weeks

-Try 5 new coffee shops (in any city)

-Have a “Good Times” jar where I write every good thing that happens throughout the year

-Start volunteering outside of church

-Join a small group

-Write down one thing I’m thankful for every single day of the year

-Cook one meal a month

-Drink at least 36oz of water a day

-Pray more

-Listen to more new music

-Eat at least one fruit and/or veggie per day


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