Well it happened. I turned 25. I’m a quarter of a century old. 5 years away from thirty. Halfway to fifty. I am no longer in my early 20s.

At first I was nervous. How am I this old?! I moved to Nashville when I was 22…and that still feels like yesterday sometimes. Do I know enough to be 25? Am I qualified for this? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Then I took a deep breath and realized I got this. 25 is going to be MY YEAR. I am prepared for this. 25 is not something to fear, it is a year to embrace. I have had such a peace about life and my decisions over the last couple of months, and I want that to continue over in 25. I want my friendships to strengthen. I want to get more consistent work. I want to mark more states off my list of places visited. I want to take more vacations with friends. I want to be careful with my words and not overuse certain phrases. I want to champion those in my life. I don’t want anyone to question my intentions or how much I love/care about them.

I want to look back at how awesome 25 was. I want to see what I overcame and how much ass I kicked in just 365 days.

Here’s to you 25. Dare I say, bring it on!


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